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Link to Actors & Look Alikes page From the Comedy Clubs across the Country to Your Special Event, our Award Winning Comedians can deliver a brand of humor just right for your Group! Motivational Humorists; Hilarious Keynotes; Club Stars; Western Style even the World's funniest Mom!
Also Customized Scripts, Skits and Concepts.
We present some Fabulous Choices for you!
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Link to Western & Colorado style page Someone who makes you laugh is a comedian. Someone who makes you think, then laugh is Edd Nichols


Single Comedians: Edith Weiss; Mark Alan; Edd Nichols; Karyn Ruth White; Rubi Nicholas; Dr. Kevin; Jeff Harms; LuAnne Buckstein; Paul Borrillo; Where's the Beef Jimmie; Even our incredible Leno & Letterman Lookalikes when the 'real' ones are not available! Famous TV comedians are also an option.

Comedy Stage Hypnosis
with Rusty Z!

Music and Comedy with Jolly

Improv Groups: Plastered in Paris; Slightly Off Center; The Three Comic Waiters

Edith Weiss
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This list of choices is HUGE! From Celebrity Impersonators, including Old and New Hollywood Stars, Living History Characters, Actors with their own 'Original' Characters (The French Waiter; Italian Chef; Painter; Tool Time Guy or Gal; Cartoon Characters), and More!

Awards & Oscar Parties: Joan Rivers interviewing guests on the red carpet with appearances by 'Stars': Catherine Zeta Jones, Justin Timberlake, Steven Spielberg, William Shatner, Kid Rock, Pamela Anderson, Johnny Depp, Garth, Reba, etc.
Old School Hollywood Stars including Marilyn Monroe, Mae West, Clark Gable, Bogart, Groucho, WC Fields, etc.

Western Themed Comics: Soapy Smith, Buffalo Bill, Annie Oakley, Snidely Whiplash, Doc Holiday, Gunslingers, etc.

TV Shows: The Cast from "Cheers"; "Gilligan's Island"; The Cast from "M*A*S*H"; "I Love Lucy"; "ER" Docs; "Gunsmoke"; "Star Trek" with Captain Kirk & Spock; Regis from "Who Wants To Be a Millionaire"; Donald Trump, "The Apprentice"; and more!

Three Comic Waiters (Or Two Waiters and a Chef): COMEDY NEVER TASTED SO GOOD!! They pretend to be part of the wait staff at your event, until they start passing the strangest hors d'oeuvres, and start saying the craziest things! These guys are Funny, Eccentric, and SURE to entertain your guest in a surprising manner.

Talking Heads on a Buffet Table: The designs could be endless here to match your theme, but some of our favorites are Lobsterhead; Cheesehead; Watermelon Head; God of Grapes or Wine; Daisy; Julia Childs; Avocado Head; and many others, all chattering up your guests as they approach the buffet stations.

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