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USO – Hollywood Canteen– 1940’S STYLE
        MiLiTARY REUNiONS – SWiNG 

Choose from many options including:   Swing Bands;  Marching Military Bands;  An Andrews Sisters Style Show;  Look-alikes;  Dancers,  and more !!


  1. The Swing Sisters  OR the Dinettes  
    Andrews Sisters style show with 1940’s & 1950’s Swing
    Costumed & Choreographed with Pianist or background music  
  2. The Dean Bushnell Orchestra 
    9 pc. Traditional Big Band with female singer
  3. Stephen Paul Orchestra
    17 pc. Big Band featuring male & female vocalists
  4. Sinatra Tribute Show
  5. Hot Tomatoes Dance Band
  6. David Booker & the Swing-tette
    Swing & blues
  7. Rumble Seat – Jump Swing
  8. Nostalgia Marching Band –
    5 piece up to 9 pc. In Military style dress,
    Americana & Military songs, authentic charts,
    great for moving numbers of people from
    one area to another,  and then performing ‘mini’ concert. 
  9. ‘Gotta Get Up’  Buglers
    2 to 5 piece brass military call revelers
  10. Marching Drum Groups  (The Stampede)


  1. Bob Hope
  2. General Patton
  3. The Red Baron
  4. Blonde ‘bombshells’ famous for 
    USO shows, i.e.  Marlena Dietrich,  Marilyn Monroe,  Ginger Rogers,  Jean Harlow,  Connie Stevens,  etc.
  5. Uncle Sam on Stilts
  6. Sailors,  Officers,  Military Police
  7. Cast of Mash:  Hawkeye,  Hot lips
    Frank Burns,  Honeycut,  Radar, etc.
  8. Humphrey Bogart,  Jimmy Durante,  Jack Benny
  9. Rosie The Riveter


  1. Frank Sinatra 
  2. Dean Martin
  3. The Andrews Sisters 
  4. Marilyn Monroe

Can also provide a DEEJAY with complete sound system that will work with above singers providing their sound needs & full library of music for rest of event. 


  1. Tap Dancing couple dressed in Sailor costumes – solos & audience interaction
  2. Swing Dance Couples for teaching and exhibition;  audience interaction
    Costumes can be “Fred & Ginger’  Glamour,  Military or Civilian Swing
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